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  • Update on Sean Fleming (MCC Chorale, Midcoast Community Chorus)
  •  Date Posted: Fri, Mar 15 2019
    Greetings MCC members,
    This past Monday my face was numb, and I had pain in my left ear, head, and neck. I went to the ER and they determined that I have Bell's palsy. It is facial paralysis caused by inflammation of the seventh cranial nerve, or "facial nerve." In my case the left side of my face is paralysed. 

    My nerve pain has lessened quite a bit since Monday, so I'm planning to attend the next rehearsal on Monday night. I know it is important to rest so I'll be sure to do lots of that also! Thank you all for your healing thoughts. I could be imagining it but I think my face is starting to regain some of it's functioning. See you soon. I hope!

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